DINGO Company Supplying all range of dyestuffs Chemicals& auxiliaries for the textile industries.

Covering with a wide range of products , all the textile industries needs, for all type of fibers .

In addition DINGO company manufacturer chemicals auxiliaries supply locally and export to other countries.

DINGO above all range of dyestuffs & auxiliaries give professional & high standard technical support to the customers , back up of high standard technical team .

Gives customizes solution for dyeing finishing and printing process methods , support by modern laboratories highly equipped including pilot dyeing machine , lab working according to the AATCC and ISO standard to develop the best process method solution to customers, using auxiliaries and modern dyestuffs .

Because of the fact that DINGO company have dyeing facility , we have the possibility to share our best experience with our customers by introducing the right products.

DINGO company exclusively represent the following companies in Israel

YORKSHIRE GMBH - Supplying all range of dyestuffs for textile for the textile industry .

APOLLO - developing superior auxiliaries and innovating R & D solutions, for the textile industries to enlarging our manufacturing capabilities .

SUNRISE - Optical Brightening Agent Manufacturer, concentrated in supplying optical brightener for Textile Dyeing, Industry, and Paper Waking Industry.

ASUTEX - Manufactory of axillaries and printing systems for textile, represents the development of a project that combines experience, technical application and

product and market knowledge.

ACHITEX MINERVA SPA - Pigments and Auxiliaries for textile printing .

Dyes and Chemicals