Dingo group is a privately owned company, established in 1968, offering solutions and services in wide areas of activities.

Leading local representative providing users and manufacturers with a solutions for day to day needs in many industries

As we represent the following world leading suppliers:

Harris , Atlas , DataColor , GTI , SDL Atlas , Mathis , Prostat

With activities in the areas of:

Technological solutions for colors development.

Quality control equipment for industrial laboratories.

Weathering testing instruments to determine and check the durability of products.

Water purity systems.

Portable instruments for static control techniques.

Our Dye house offering high quality dyeing services for products with fully technology support for its customers.

We are a leading textile dye solutions industry expert and trust advisor for local and international customers.

Our many years of experience placing us as the foremost Seamless dye house in the world.

About Us

Areas of activities